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corry 2010-01-09 australia:

In 1985 I was at Chitwan in Nepal and spent time with a beautiful elephant called Pawan Kali. Is she still alive, does anyone else remember her, where is she now? I would love to take my children to see her. Also spent time at Chitwan with ladies who worked with Coco the communicating Gorilla and would like to speak with them again in regards to communication/autism. Thanks, Corry.

Eric Geehan 2010-01-07 :

Hi my name is Eric Geehan I worked with Zoomotion in the 90s I an looking for Adam Hill we were good friends back when and would like to talk to him again

lateshah 2010-01-06 USA:

heyy i have loved elephants all my life and i wish i could be closer to them so i can ride them all night long i would love to have a animal as larg as that next to my body.

Linda Quertermous 2010-01-04 Fairfield, CA:

My grandfather, Clifford Monnett, owned Boo in the 1960's. I have seveal pictures of her taken then. What a joy to find her after all these years!


iam from thrissur,our group is loving kerala captured elephants that means elephant is his own owner. any information you need about elephant i will help you.

Elizabeth Kovacs 2010-01-04 Canada:

I was born& lived in Nyirszolos until i was 17 years old, i wish we had the zoo than, it would have made life more intresting,but we cant have everything.

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