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Lisa 2010-02-01 Munich:

hi, at the list of pregnant elephants is still Veri from Hodenhagen germany but she has her Baby born in Dezember 2009. many greetings Lisa

sylvia 2010-02-01 united kingdom:

We have been going to Pinawela for many years and have watch a young elephant grow up. She had her foot blown off by a mine, she must be 16 now, roll on May so I can go back and see her. Good Work all of you at Pinnawella Elephant Orphanage.

raili vikstrom 2010-01-29 orust,sweden:

I am very fond of elephants since many years ago.I have about 900 at home i porcelan.earrings clothes etc.

Joanne 2010-01-29 Essex UK:

Hi,, I visited this fantastic and interesting place when I came on holiday a few years back. I still have my entrance ticket!. Would love to come back in the near future x

Jack 2010-01-20 Texas:

Hi I was just at the taronga zoo's website and it said that Pak Boon was pregnant as well, Also at the melbourne zoo their elephant kulab is said to be pregnant as well.

Joao S. Lopes 2010-01-19 Brazil:

Hi, there's a lot of news about Proboscidea's evolution: Eritherium, the oldest and smallest proboscidean; Eritreum, Chilgatherium, renaming of Numidotherium savagei as Arcanotherium savagei.

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